WordPress on Windows 8 Apps

Well, new Windows 8 WordPress app is here and this is the first entry using it.  Seems to work ok, a little confusing to start but I get the hang of it.  What WordPress apps have you found valuable lately?


SharePoint 2010 Beta Revels

Later this year, possiblyl as early as October, we shall have the successor to the original ‘digital dashboard’.  A wonderful concept that enabled the sharing of content to any number of people that were a member of the application.  Originally, the digital dashboard enabled the sharing of documents and ‘web parts’ that were encased in an application that wrapped the whole thing with security.  Simple yet effective, the digital dashboard was the predecessor to SharePoint, which was released and is extended to SharePoint 2007 today.  It provides a platform that is flexible, yet manageable.  Development of custom solutions and features means that it can be customized to be maleable to the needs of just about any business or organization.  Unfortunately, some very real and limiting bugs exist within the application and since they are at the core of the product, have not been hotfixed or repaired in patches or updates since the initial release.
Into the mix comes SharePoint 2010.  WIth the core reformed, the bugs that flawed 2007 have been removed and refactored.  Socialization of the platform provides a ‘facebooky’ way to manage content that previously could become buried, no matter the popularity.  SharePoint 2010 is the first in a series of products I like to refer to as a web operating system (WOS).  Much like a disk operating system, applications can be created and live in the space, allowing end users the ability to access and manipulate the applications for their own needs.  Enabling SharePoint 2010 in the Windows Azure cloud means that these applications are widely accessible and extremely robust.  Sandboxing of the applications can make them appear to be divorced from SharePoint 2010 entirely, but at the same time use the solutions and features contained within.
This is a big deal that I will be watching evolve as Beta transforms into Production later this year!

Talking about Gas prices hit another record – Minneapolis- msnbc.com

Ok, so, lets see.  We are going all green now, we have to burn different gasoline between winter and summer, we can’t drill or look for any additional oil, and worse yet, can’t increase capacity because of the limited refinery infrastructure… and why can’t we do all these things?  Oh, because of some self imposed rules because we want to be green.  Ever try taking a test without studying for it… direct correlation.  Looks like failure is iminent unless some of these self imposed regulations are thrown to the curb, where they should have been all along.  Ever try riding a horse to work?  What kind of contamination and pollution do you think will be the result of 200 million horses required by the population to get around?  What a bunch of frickin morons…


Gas prices hit another record – Minneapolis- msnbc.com


Puppies, puppies and more puppies!!!
We now have new members in our family, with two 7 week old Rottweiler puppies joining the fray.  We haven’t named them yet, but that should come soon.  One is a male and the other a female.  He is a little, stocky tank of a guy, who shows signs of growing into a full sized boy.  She is dainty, but stubborn, and will be a sweetheart that no one could resist.

They are getting used to the new family and have been doing well with crate training and potty training.  Only two days and they have figured out that they should go outside to do their business and going to the door cues up the rest of us that we need to let them out.  They play hard for a short period of time, then crash hard and sleep twice as long as they play.  She is vocal, and lets us know when she is happy or not so much.  He is ok with just about anything, and has a will of steel.  Both of them are stubborn and once their minds are set on something, they will try to make it happen or else!!  They like to investigate the home, us the toys they have, the outdoors and any nook or cranny they can fit their nose into.  It’s a special time with some special pooches!

Puppies are so special, and my sons have really pitched in to make their transition to our family.  These are their dogs after all, as Tommy and Tyler both asked that I get dogs since we lost Chopper.


Back @ Home

Well, I am back at home, finally, after nearly two years.  Having weathered the abuse of a caustic divorce, which included falsely filing an order for protection against my person and financial ruin at the hands of the court system, I have successfully navigated the maze of outrageousness and come through it with my dignity and most of my belongings.  Better still, is that I was able to provide my sons a home that they are accustomed to and wrestle a majority of custody away from the other side, whose actions to be polite, were shameful and highly inappropriate.  The boys have been through alot, as I have, but are seemingly adjusting to the circumstances and we look forward to a wonderful journey as they evolve from childhood into upstanding young adults.
On May 10, 2005 @ 5:07 P.M., I was evicted from my home that I had worked so hard to locate, afford and maintain, based upon false allegations that were filed against me and justly thrown out of court a mere ten days later.  However, temporary orders from the same judge were harsh and punitive, and it would not be until March 30, 2007 when I would be able to step foot in my home again after successfully battling through the court system to win it back (at great cost mind you).  And although it is wonderful to be back, there are many problems with the home as it was not maintained at all over the last several years.  Nor was it cleaned.  How someone can live like that, I have no idea.  Pretty disgusting.  The list of things damaged or destroyed is not listable, airing that dirty laundry is not what this post is about.  It is about the joy of home ownership and the rights of an individual to not have their property illegally searched or seized.  My sons, the home and I weathered the seizure, but should never have had to.
And to all those that supported us during our times of need, we can never offer enough praise or thanks to express our appreciation.  Without good friends that are willing to put up with the stories, the needs and the pressures, failure to navigate would have been absolute. 
We thank you all very, very much!

The birds and the bees!

Bees are in trouble, which means we are in trouble.  Not just a nuisance, bees provide a crucial role in the pollination of every crop type in the world.  The work of the bee goes unrewarded, and without them, we just wouldn’t exist.  An answer to the reason why bee populations are decreasing all over the world is by far the most important problem we face as a species, not global warming; not climate change or anything else.  The following link touches on the subject, and there are many more from which to research:
This thread will be updated as information comes out regarding this issue.